Ground Base Squat Lunge



Hammer Strength’s Ground Base technology offers the most advanced feet-on-the-ground positioning whether its during traditional or explosive sport specific training. Simulate real-life movements of the playing field by training in the same planes of motion.

Patented Iso-Lateral Movements allow users to train in converging and diverging movements with both limbs together, independently or alternating. The counterbalanced system allows for very light starting weights that are perfect for rehabilitation, aging adults and beginners. The advanced movement works on a controlled path of motion so there is no learning curve to experience a more advanced movement.

Originally designed for athletes who demand high performance training equipment, Hammer products benefit all users, from professional athletes to everyday champions.


  • Multi-functional unit that allows user to perform numerous exercises including; squats, lunges, shrugs, dead lifts, etc.
  • Different strength curves available by utilizing different loading points and separate handle positions
  • Feet on the floor positioning promotes functional training
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