Life Fitness Parabody CM3



Product Description

With the Life Fitness ParaBody CM3 Cable Motion Home Gym without Leg Press you can train for day-to-day and sports-related activities with the versatile ParaBody® Cable Motion™ Gym System. Using pulleys and cables, your range of motion is unrestricted and your movements are completely natural and biomechanically correct. This makes the CM3 an effective, easy-to-use way to build balance and stability for multiple muscle groups and enhance your daily activities – whether it’s on the job or in recreational sports – all with one compact and durable machine.


Functional Training is what the best modern mutigyms are aimed at, but what is Functional Training? If you play Football, Tennis, Squash or other sports, then you’ll generally have a specific set of movements that you need to strengthen for. The CM3 Cable Motion Gym is well set-up to handle a wide array of exercises using the stirrup handles and ankle strap.


Main Features of the Life Fitness ParaBody CM3 Cable Motion Home Gym


– Strengthens core stabilising muscles used in sports and daily activities

– Easy to adjust from exercise to exercise

– Space-efficient design ideal for small places in your home

– Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body’s natural path of motion

– Durable, quality components ensure long product life

– Included accessories: Revolving low row bar, ankle strap, two pairs of soft strap handles, wall chart, 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack, instructoinal DVD.

  • Chest Exercises: Chest Press, Conerging Presses (multi-angle), One-Arm Pec Fly, Decline Press, Extended Arm Pec Fly, Incline Press
  • Shoulder Exercises: Lateral Raise, Shoulder Shrug, Front Raise, Rear Deltoid, External Rotation, Internal Rotation
  • Abs and Back Exercises: Low Row, Lat Pulldown, One Arm Cable Row, Naroow-Grip Pulldown, Abdominal Crunch, Oblique Twist
  • Arm Exercises: Standing Biceps Curl, Reverse Biceps Curls, One-Arm Biceps Curl, Tricpes Extension, One-Arm Tricpes Extension
  • Leg Exercises: Leg Extension, Standing Leg Curl, Hip Abduction, Hip Adduction, Hip Extension (Optional Leg Press)
  • Functional Exercises: Golf Swing, Tennis Backhand, Tennis Forehand, Leg Kick
  • Weight Stack: 73kg (160lb)
  • Accessories: Wall Chart, Lat Bar, Revolving Low Row Bar, Ankle Strap
  • Size L/W/H (in use without Leg Press): 203 x 135 x 214cm (80” x 53” x 84”)
  • Size L/W/H (in use with Leg Press): 203 x 229 x 214 (80” x 90” x 84”)
  • Working Area Required (without Leg Press): 229 x 262 x 214cm (90” x 103” x 84”)
  • Working Area Required (with Leg Press): 229 x 331 x 214 (90” x 130” x 84”)
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