Life Fitness Pro2 Series Back Extension




is is the most versatile line of selectorized single station equipment available in the industry. The 22 piece line boasts primarily welded construction for durability, adjustments that can all be made from the users exercise position and most of the best biomechanics available. It’s designed to fit a broad range of users from 4’10” to 6’6″. The exercise movements are machine defined and are suitable for all levels of exercisers from deconditioned, active adults, general fitness and professional athletes. If your facility is designed to use only one style of selectorized machine, Pro2SE is it.
Back pad adjusts from seated position for correct alignment with clearly-marked axis of rotation Adjustable thigh pad with handles enhances stabilizationStandard adjustable start position on Pro2 SE provides five positions for individual preferences
Five-position adjustable start mechanism caters to individual range of motion or physical limitations
Two non-slip foot positions appeal to different user sizes
Lumbar pad helps users easily find correct position relative to axis of rotation

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