Star Trac Sport


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tar Trac Sport Treadmill – this is the light commercial representative in the family history of high quality Star Trac exercise treadmills. Few treadmills in its class boast the type of commercial grade features that serve as standard equipment on the Sport treadmill.

It boasts a huge running surface, powerful 2.5 hp motor and the highest quality materials. The fluorescent “Sport Utility Display” is perfect for serious distance athletes as is the built in fitness testing facility.

As the main suspension system of the Star Trac Sport Treadmill, the Soft Trac running deck has been constructed of a triple layer of neoprene rubber to provide you maximum shock absorption and a cushioned running surface that is kind to your joints during fitness training.

User-friendly Quick Start button, and dedicated windows to monitor things like speed, incline, calories, distance and time. The Star Trac Sport treadmill gives serious fitness enthusiasts the brand they desire the most.

Nine user-friendly programs include “Custom” which allows individuals the opportunity to design their own exercise course with Star Trac’s Personal Fitness Trainer Studio.

This allows users to create up to 250 new programs, as customized personal fitness workouts. With 50 user ID’s available, 5 customized exercise training programs, and an ACSM WalkFit Test users can always find a fitness program to meet their needs.

With a Simple display console that provides feedback on distance, time, speed, total calories/hour, laps, pace, incline, heart rate and track/program profile, users can be sure they are well informed about the status of their fitness workout.

Polar heart rate system allows for constant heart rate tracking. Dynamic heart rate control adjusts intensity level based on user’s heart rate for target zone fitness training.

Programs, Impact Absorption running surface, Graphical display and Dynamic Heart Rate control, this exercise treadmill has it all. It offers reliability, longevity, many exciting features and all for a very affordable price.

This is a great exercise treadmill for any gym and is sure to keep the members pleased, for home use this treadmill should even surpass the standards of the most discerning fitness enthusiasts .

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