Life Fitness Summit Trainer



Life Fitness Summit Trainer

The Life Fitness Summit Trainer offers a totally new way to train. We’ve added climbing to the best of a total-body cross-trainer resulting in a revolutionary machine that is intuitive and challenging for people of all fitness levels. The Life Fitness Summit Trainer offers user-defined stride lengths and five training positions make it easy to control the intensity and target various muscle groups for personalized workout that can easily evolve with the exerciser’s goals.

The Life Fitness Summit Trainer Features:

  • Extreme Cardio Workout. The natural motion of climbing – one of the most demanding activities in the world – is replicated in the short, quick strides and long, deep lunges of the Summit Trainer.


  • Made for iPod integration allows users to charge their iPod, manage their playlist and control volume right on the console


  • Plug-In Option – Provides a lower operating resistance, which appeals to novice and deconditioned users.


  • 25 workouts, including 5 Zone Training+ª Workouts that automatically adjust the incline level and keep users in their target heart rate zone. Goal-based workouts and interval workouts keep you motivated.


  • Dual-level alphanumeric LED console


  • Ergonomically correct moving arm handles provide total-body workout


  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Lifepulseª hand sensors and Polar telemetry


  • Integrated reading rack and accessory tray


  • Linear Incline Fit Trainingª technology; user-defined stride length up to 26Ó (66cm) maximum


  • Self-Powered Convenience – Cordless, so you can place your Life Fitness Summit Trainer anywhere you want.



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